Uncertainty of how you fixed a problem

Sometimes things get better and you’re not sure why. Is this a bad thing? Well it’s nice that things got better. What’s worrying is if things start to go badly again and you don’t know how to fix it again.


  • Your computer keeps giving you an error but stops after a few tries and you don’t know why.

When does this happen?

  • When it’s a complicated system: The change could have been caused by multiple small changes in other variables. It’s therefore not possible to identify one sole cause of the change. If your mood improves it might be because you started sleeping more, started exercising and started phoning people more. It’s all 3 of those things and probably more.

What can you do?

  • Accept the reasons described above. Be aware it could have been multiple things you were doing, or could have been somewhat random. It may be that some specific change in your behaviour wasn’t the cause.

(I had less time to work on my post today then normal, hence the much shorter post!)